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adding volvo synchro ability

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following on from my last message i had passed one of the applications through dbg , and at first glance if i an not mistaken its written in x86 ML



i thought  id give you an update regarding the synchro software for the Volvo sid807 , it turns out that the small application which was avalible is no more then just a glorified gateway  and None of the synchronization ability is done with the actual application. , it must of been a human that did it or it was linked too another piece of software which did it. but who knows.


the search continues


@tomany, we can try to do something else, if this does not work out yet

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i have some news... i have been talks with a developer who has  all volvo synchro software. i said that i am not intrested in the software I'm intrested in the algorithm so i can make my own software.


the dev has give me a price although i am being cautious,  as i for one do not no if this developer genuine  or is going to try and sell me some junk code...


i'll have to see if i can get a sample so i can see if the dev is telling me the truth...



i have been in talks with a dev who supposedly made some applications which cover all volvo synchro ability , although i am being cautious as i am unsure if this dev is telling the truth or will eventually sell me some useless worthless junk code , that remains be seen.

I have nothing to say about this, but I was once told that Volvo trucks can be started without a key, using a temporary code to start the engine. Can anyone refute or confirm this? If that's the case, it's much more interesting to take the time on this feature.

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