Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m unable to download and / or run Code Wizard Pro 2 application. Antiviral Software is blocking it. Is it infected?

A: False AV alarms may occur due to used protection technique. Just add CWP2.exe to ignore / exception list.

Q: I connected the USB key but the application still runs in DEMO mode. What am I doing wrong?

A: Your Security Key is switched to USB mode instead of HID mode. Install drivers using _SetupDrv utility from drivers folder and re-connect USB key. Switch USB key back to HID mode with Set_USB_Mode utility. Run it with administrative privileges (right click, run as Administrator) – press 2, then 3 and re-connect the key.

Q: I’m having problems updating my software and calculating some codes. I keep getting the message “Internet connection or server is down”. Is there a problem with the server?

A: Make sure your computer is configured correctly. Go to Control Panel, open Internet Options and scroll down to Security Settings in Advanced tab. Select Use SSL/TLS check boxes and click Apply.

Q: Where can I find the number of tokens required for the calculation of a code?

A: Number of tokens required for calculations is listed in Help tab of application – Tokens Required. It also shown before each calculation.