Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I connected the USB key but the application still runs in DEMO mode. What am I doing wrong?

A: Your Security Key is switched to USB mode instead of HID mode. Install drivers using _SetupDrv utility from drivers folder and re-connect USB key. Switch USB key back to HID mode with Set_USB_Mode utility – press 2, then 3 and re-connect the key.

Q: I’m having problems updating my software and calculating some codes. I keep getting the message “Internet connection or server is down”. Is there a problem with the server?

A: Make sure your computer is configured correctly. Go to Control Panel, open Internet Options and scroll down to Security Settings in Advanced tab. Select Use TLS 1.2 check box and click Apply.

Q: Where can I find the number of tokens required for the calculation of a code?

A: Number of tokens required for calculations is listed in Help tab of application – Tokens Required. It also shown before each calculation.

Q: Can I run CWP-2 application on Mac OS?

A: Yes, you need to install Parallels Desktop and create a virtual machine with Windows. Then download and install Code Wizard Pro 2 application on a virtual machine.

Q: Is it possible to use CWP-2 security key remotely over a network?

A: Code Wizard Pro 2 application can access remotely USB security key connected to NAS, Linux/Windows/OSX Server or even Raspberry PI or Android device using VirtualHere client-server solution.