What features does Code Wizard Pro 2 offer?

✓ Easy to Use

Enter required information or drag-n-drop file and click on "Calculate" button to get Access Code.

✓ Free Updates

All updates are free. Click on a button to download a new version of application if available.

✓ No Limits

1 or 1000 codes per day? No problem. Calculate as many codes as you want - without limitation.

✓ Demo Mode

Various aglorithms are available in DEMO mode. And more than 75% of calculations are free of charge.

✓ Pay as You Go

Purchase tokens when you need them. Price of tokens depend of ordered quantity, from €0.10 per token.

✓ Up to Date

New version of application is available immediately when we add a new algorithm. No delays!

What our users have to say:

“I’m a retired grandfather helping my grandchild with a first car. Just used a demo CWP2 Pro to solve a problem with a ’99 Acura ECU swap and my cheap clone Honda HDS HIM.

Want to thank Code Wizard Pro on behalf of folks like me who use the demo mode infrequently and not for business. I am sure your regular customers appreciate your generosity as well!

Although you can not accept donations, I made a modest contribution to your chosen charity.

Thanks again for your help. You brought smiles to a family 8100km away!”

“Me complace decir que el software de la calculadora, es una de las mejores herramientas a nivel mundial para los cerrajeros lider.

Hemos trabajado durante muchos años con esta unica y poderosa herramienta y comprobamos su ilimitado soporte para obtener códigos pin, necesarios para programar llaves con transponder, inmovilizadores, BSI, BCM y computadoras automotrices.

La recomiendo ampliamente.”

“I am working as an Auto Locksmith and I have had lots of trouble to obtain these immobilisers codes from different main dealers. With the help of your software I am pleased to say that I am earning a lot more comparing to the past, because most of the time I had to say no to the customers, due to unavailability of immo codes.

I have no hesitation to say that Code Calculator is one of the best software in the auto locksmith industry. Being an auto locksmith I am thankful to the staff and technician, for their hard work, research and struggle to keep the auto locksmiths in the business. I recommend this software to any auto locksmith.”

Application versions history

Algorithms and solutions we’ve added Download latest build released 18 Sep 2019 from our server or mirrors located in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, USA. Version 1.5 – Added calculation of Passcodes for Techstream versions 14.00.018, 14.00.019, 14.10.028, 14.10.033, 14.20.019 and newer – Added PIN codes by dump for KIA and Hyundai vehicles from earlier unsupported SMK units – Added calculation of 8 digit PIN codes for Suzuki and Maruti vehicles (algorithm 0x02 type […]

New calculation algorithms

With your help we can make Code Wizard Pro 2 better! Dear friends, with your help we can make Code Wizard Pro 2 better, add more algorithms and make the product useful for everyone. New algorithms or data, information for analysis this is what we need. Have your own code calculation service? Let’s start working together! Contact us if you have something for the project. And yes, we offer rewards of up to 500,000 tokens or the equivalent […]

Upgrade from old platform

Welcome back, we missed you! To bring a new life to the old Code Wizard and make it affordable for everyone we decided to stop using old Code Wizard platform and develop new one, based on the best features of the old project. We offer you favourable conditions for upgrade. If you are an existing user of old Product Code Calculation platform (ALC, AD600, CWP and others) and you wish to use our new Code Wizard Pro 2, […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to ask us if you haven’t found the answer Q: I’m unable to download and / or run Code Wizard Pro 2 application. Antiviral Software is blocking it. Is it infected? A: False AV alarms may occur due to used protection technique. Just add CWP2.exe to ignore / exception list. Q: I connected the USB key but the application still runs in DEMO mode. What am I doing wrong? A: Your Security Key is switched to […]