CWP-2 Application

free of charge

Ultimate solution for coded access to security functions of OEM equipment for configuration and re-programming of electronic units



Code Wizard Pro 2 is a software program that supports multi vehicle brands and provides the ability to generate immobilizer pin codes, mechanical key codes and dealer tool security codes.

CWP-2 CODE & EEPROM Calculator features:

Available in demo mode, tokens are not required, paid calculation

Acura1st Password for HDS < 3.014x
AcuraRelease Password for HDS < 3.014x
AcuraPCM code for HDS < 3.014x
Alfa RomeoPIN code by dump1
AudiSKC Converterx
AudiPIN code by dumpx
AudiCS code by dumpx
BuellPIN code by dumpx
BuickPIN code by dump1
BuickKEY code by dump1
Chang’anPIN code by dumpx
CheryPIN code by VIN (4 / 8 chars)x
CheryPIN code by dumpx
ChevroletPIN code by VIN (LATAM models)x
ChevroletKEY code by VIN (LATAM models)x
ChevroletRadio code by VIN (LATAM models)x
ChevroletPIN code by dump1
ChevroletKEY code by dump1
ChryslerPIN code by dumpx
CitroenRadio code by PRE-codex
CitroenFunction Unlock Password10
CitroenPIN code by dump1
DaciaPIN code by KEY tag (4 digit code)x
DaciaClip Reprogramming code (6 chars)x
DaciaRadio code by PRECODEx
DaciaPIN code by INCODE2
DaciaINCODE by PIN code2
DaciaPIN code by dump1
DodgePIN code by dumpx
DucatiPIN code by dump1
FiatPIN code by dump1
FordINCODE by OUTCODE < 2010
FordRadio code by Serial number (V-series)
GeelyPIN code by dumpx
Great WallPIN code by VIN (4 / 8 chars)x
Great WallPIN code by dumpx
HoldenPIN code by dump1
HoldenKEY code by dump1
Honda1st Password for HDS < 3.014x
HondaRelease Password for HDS < 3.014x
HondaPCM code for HDS < 3.014x
HyundaiPIN code by VIN (SMARTRA-2 only)x
HyundaiPIN code by VIN (2007-2017 vehicles)0 / 10*
HyundaiKEY code by VIN (1986-2017 vehicles)7 / 10*
HyundaiACU Variant Coding by VIN10*
HyundaiPIN code by dump
IKCOPIN code by dump
InfinitiPIN code by ICU code (NATS 5.6)x
InfinitiPIN code by SEC code (NATS 6)x
InfinitiPIN code by BCM code ( < 2009 )x
InfinitiPIN code by BCM code ( > 2009 )x
InfinitiPIN code by BCM seed (20 chars code)
InfinitiKEY code by VIN (1998-2013 vehicles)7
InfinitiPIN code by dump
IsuzuPIN code by dumpx
IvecoPIN code by dump1
JaguarINCODE by OUTCODE < 2010
JaguarPassword by Seed code (JLR SDD)5
JaguarAccess code by Request code (SDD)5
JaguarPIN code by dumpx
JCBResponse value (JCB Service Master)10
JeepPIN code by dumpx
KIAPIN code by VIN (SMARTRA-2 only)x
KIAPIN code by VIN (2007-2017 vehicles)0 / 10*
KIAKEY code by VIN (1986-2017 vehicles)7 / 10*
KIAACU Variant Coding code by VIN10*
KIAPIN code by dump
LanciaPIN code by dump1
Land RoverBarcode by Serial number (remotes)x
Land RoverINCODE by OUTCODE < 2010
Land RoverPassword by Seed code (IDS, SDD)5
Land RoverAccess code by Request code (SDD)5
Land RoverPIN code by dumpx
LexusPasscode by Seedcode (Techstream)5
MarutiPIN code by ECM seed (4 digit code)
MarutiPIN code by ECM seed (8 digit code)5 / 10
MarutiPIN code by dumpx
MazdaPIN code by ISN (Lucas immobilizer)x
MazdaINCODE by OUTCODE < 2010
MazdaPIN code by dump
Mercedes BenzPassword by Dealer Hash (8 bytes)100*
Mercedes BenzW204 ESL Password by EZS (8 bytes)100*
MG RoverBarcode by Serial number (Valeo)x
MG RoverPIN code by dumpx
MiniBarcode by Serial number (remotes)x
MitsubishiDefault PIN codex
MitsubishiNavigation Security Unlock codex
MitsubishiPIN code by dumpx
NissanPIN code by BCM seed (20 chars code)
NissanPIN code by ICU code (NATS 5.6)x
NissanPIN code by SEC code (NATS 6)x
NissanPIN code by BCM code ( < 2009 )x
NissanPIN code by BCM code ( > 2009 )x
NissanPIN code by ECM seed (4 digit code)5
NissanPIN Code by Glovebox ID (12 digit)5
NissanKEY code by VIN (1998-2013 vehicles)7
NissanKEY code by VIN (2015-2016 Murano)7
NissanPIN code by dump
OpelPIN code by dump1
OpelKEY code by dump1
PeugeotRadio code by PRE-codex
PeugeotFunction Unlock Password10
PeugeotPIN code by dump1
PlymouthPIN code by dumpx
PorschePIN code by dumpx
QiruiPIN code by VIN (4 / 8 chars)x
QiruiPIN code by dumpx
RenaultPIN code by KEY tag (4 digit code)x
RenaultClip Reprogramming code (6 chars)x
RenaultRadio code by PRECODEx
RenaultPIN code by INCODE2
RenaultINCODE by PIN code2
RenaultPIN code by dump1
SaabPIN code by VIN (9-3, 2003-2008)5
SaabPIN code by dumpx
SaipaPIN code by dump
ScionPasscode by Seedcode (Techstream)5
SeatSKC converterx
SeatPIN code by dumpx
SeatCS code by dumpx
SkodaSKC converterx
SkodaPIN code by dumpx
SkodaCS code by dumpx
SmartKEY code by VIN (1998-2015 vehicles)x
SmartTeach-in KEY again2
SmartSAM Assignment2
SuzukiDefault PIN codex
SuzukiPIN code by ECM seed (4 digit code)
SuzukiPIN code by ECM seed (8 digit code)5 / 10
SuzukiPIN code by dumpx
ToyotaPasscode by Seed code (Techstream)5
VauxhallPIN code by dump1
VauxhallKEY code by dump1
VolkswagenSKC converterx
VolkswagenPIN code by dumpx
VolkswagenCS code by dumpx
VolvoPIN code by dumpx

* Using third party source for unavailable codes. Internet connection is required.

Connect Security Key and software will provide all functionality or use application in demo mode.

Supported OS: Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and intermediate versions. Please see our FAQ page for additional information.

If you experience problems while downloading, use the link to download application splitted into two parts: part 1 and part 2. Or mirrors located in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, USA.