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Server mode - automatic code calculation and dump processing via Pipes

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Quote from autoscan41 on 2024-03-27, 11:04

Since the difference between 5 seconds and 1-3 seconds is minimal, it's okay with the additional delay of the 5 seconds.

- 0 for offline mode only or 1 as confirmation of using the online mode and requesting a code from a third-party source, it's good

- logging of all operations in server mode and an additional application showing requests and responses in real time, sounds good also

I decided to remove the additional delay of 5 seconds in server mode, and introduce other protective measures against “young hackers” =)

Code Wizard Pro Team

Let's discuss pricing and the ability to activate server mode for free, for a certain group of users, while I continue to code. My suggestions are:

  • Server mode will be activated free of charge for all clients purchasing 25,000+ token packs
  • Server mode will be activated automatically as long as there are more than 5,000-10,000 tokens on the balance
  • Server mode can be purchased as an additional option, say for 2500-5000 euros

Your comments, questions, suggestions?

Code Wizard Pro Team
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