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Yaris 2022 Techstream CWP2

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Hi there.

Could you please explain how to get 6 or 96 symbols seed code?

I can get only 3 groups of symbols and CWP2 shows "incorrect input"

Hi @mad-doc,

This algorithm has not yet been recovered. Tell me the region, car models and years, and I will try to find a car and recover this type of algorithm. Are these US models only or are European also asking for a new type of coding?

Code Wizard Pro Team

Thank you for the fast reply.

It is all corolla/Corolla HV/yaris etc from 2019 up to current, blade key and smart key

The region is "other", particular AU/NZ, but the same story in Japan, Europe and USA


Blade key? Are we talking about Smart Code Reset or another procedure?

Code Wizard Pro Team

Sorry, Initially was talking about key programming which demanding to get 12-symbol pin code from seed code

Can you post screenshots and indicate where this procedure is located in the menu? Combinations of seed + pin codes will also come in handy, if any

Also, I have a few additional questions:

  • Can you forward the connection to the vehicle and the interface to me via the internet?
  • Can you recommend a good OBD2 wireless interface with a minimum operating distance of 15m?

I have Mongoose and CarDAQ interfaces lying around somewhere but don't want to seat in the car while hacking it =)

Thank you

Code Wizard Pro Team

Sorry for the delay, please see attached screenshots.

I'm not sure about internet quality there as it is a remote area.

Using Mongoose MFC2 wired one


Uploaded files:
  • 20230514_134351.jpg
  • 20230514_134406.jpg
  • 20230514_142004.jpg

It should be 12-symbol pass code

Uploaded files:
  • 20230514_153127.jpg
  • 20230514_153140.jpg
  • 20230514_153929.jpg
  • 20230514_153935.jpg

And here is the combination:

VIN JTDKBAA38010022970
Data1 0409B6BF855
Data2 35597A321311
Data3 7A1A25A3

Pass Code 9919576C6B44

Thank you! This week I will prepare a laptop with Techstream and rent a Toyota. More combinations will help me for testing and analysis

Code Wizard Pro Team
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