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Vauxhall Zafira 2002

im not good with things computer and not really sure what im doing with  CW2 only have it in demo mode, can anyone find me a pin code please for Vauxhall Zafira 1.8 2002 petrol, changed the throttle body and set off a few alarms when lifting bonnet as forgot to unlock doors and car as gone into lock down, have put a diagnostics on and its not showing any pin codes.

im in UK

VIN is WOLOTGF7532063131

Codes by VIN are not available yet for GM except partial coverage of models made in Latin America. But you can calculate PIN code by dump of EEPROM - almost all electronic units are supported by CWP-2.

To calculate PIN code by dump you need to locate and read following type of EEPROM, MCU or Flash (depend of car model and year):

SRS - 95160

REC - 95040

UCH - 93C66

Navi - 24C16, AM29LV10DB

DDM - MC68HC08AZ60

Comfort - MC9S12XET256

Display - 93C56, 93C66, 25080

CIM - 93C76, 95160, MC9S12DT128B

Dash - 93C66, 35080, 95080, 780828

BCM - 24C04, 24C16, 93C46, 93C66, 93C86, 95040, 95080, HC912DG128

ECU - AM29BL802CB, 24C04, 95P08, 93C86, 95080, 95160, 95320, 95640, HC11F1

Immo Box - TMS370C702, MC68HC05B6, MC68HC08AB16A, 68HC912DC128A, 93C46, 93C66, 24C04

Radio - 24C32, 95640, MC68HC05B16, AM29LV10DB (Blaupunkt / Grundig CAR300D, CAR2003, CC20, CD30, CD30 MP3, CDC40, CDC40 Opera, CD60, NCDR 1100)


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