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Suzuki Swift 2011y keyless


I have the car without any key,I calculated the code from the request :EB23C261DEB4D3960232

and I've got :CDA422DF

unfortunatelly the diagnostics device doesn't accept it.

Could you help me?

I think some after-market diagnostic tools enter the PIN incorrectly. What tool are you using and do you have vehicle VIN please?

Code Wizard Pro team (UK)


I used MVP Pro and Lunch

Here is VIN : TSMNZC02S00156404


So that should be AZG413D diesel vehicle, 5Door 2WD vehicle. Can you try PIN:


Code Wizard Pro team (UK)


thank you for your help,the code is correct,

car start with success

Best regards

Suzuki Swift 0x02 type 2 algorithm is almost ready on paper. We need some time for coding and tests. Hope it will be released in 1-2 weeks.

Code Wizard Pro Team

Great news. Well done.

Code Wizard Pro team (UK)

Two weeks are gone and we are still working on it, getting closer and closer:

You can help us by providing valid combinations from real vehicles to make a final test after finishing of last part

Code Wizard Pro Team

Solved! Update will be released on this week. Topic closed.


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