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Prius 2015 FOB Code Request - SF Bay Area

Hello All,

I am located in the SF Bay Area and am looking for assistance in getting a code so I can program/reset my used/non-virgin FOB key. I have the TechStream app and Mini-VCI cable, and seems this previously paired FOB won't pair with my car as the used FOB needs to be reset.

Thanks for any assistance,



Hi Moe,

Start Smart code reset procedure in Techstream and post your VIN with seedcode here

Regards, Code Wizard Pro 2 Team

Code Wizard Pro Team

I just realized you are in Europe/Lithuania and it's like 2AM there. I'll post back with the requested details at a more realistic time of day for you. Sorry for not responding quicker. I really appreciate your efforts to help me out on this.

Thanks again,


Ok, here is the information you requested:

VIN: JTDKN3DU3F0479043

Seed Number:  872c088d1c709f0b539118b4266a5821a1a4cf60ddb2391eb71431551e45a1c975bb416a9c56e872eede192fa24dd6ef

Thank you.

Passcode is 106536

Regards, Code Wizard Pro 2 Team

Uploaded files:
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Code Wizard Pro Team

You guys are awesome. It’s currently going through the 15 minute erasing/resetting procedure.

I’d like to make a donation for your time and energy in assisting me. Could I get your PayPal account to make such a donation?

Thanks again!

Update: Registration of used (non-virgin, non-reset) FOB purchased from eBay was successful as well as the original FOB I had. So relieved. Thank you so much!



You don't need to pay us for this but you can make a donation to children

Have a nice day

Code Wizard Pro 2 Team

Code Wizard Pro Team

Done!  What a great gesture. Good on you.

Have a wonderful evening!