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nissan dayz roox

Do not see the pin


Uploaded files:

Is it Suzuki based model? If so try to calculate PIN code by ECM seed:

CODE Calculator -> Nissan Others -> PIN code by ECM


CODE Calculator -> Suzuki -> PIN code by ECM

Does it have any NMC units like BCM, ICU/SEC ? Post pictures with dumps and ECU also

Code Wizard Pro Team

i am new so don't know whether its ok to post here skype details (Pardon in anticipation). For the solution of Dayz u can contact me on skype on Usman40000    OR inbox me

@bt, you can share solution on forum or with us if it's not a secret =)

Code Wizard Pro Team


I am also worried about the PIN code problem for nissan dayz roox. Blocks from cars (not sets) fell into the hands. I read dumps, I hope they will help in creating a calculator.

Uploaded files:


I need at least one pair of dumps with known PIN code..

Code Wizard Pro Team