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New Year 2020 gift for all of our users!

Dear friends,

We are wish you all the best in 2020 and prepared a special gift for you:

Starting from version, the calculation of PIN codes by VIN for KIA and Hyundai 2007-2017 vehicles does not require tokens anymore and has become free in offline mode. And as always, no limit on the number of codes calculated.

Do not forget to give gifts to others - let’s start the new year right!

Sincerely yours, Code Wizard Pro 2 team

Note: connect the security key for access this feature. Calculation of codes using third-party sources still require tokens.

Code Wizard Pro Team

As a continuation of this tradition, yesterday we have added all code calculations based on dumps for free. Now you can use all algorithms of EEPROM Calculator absolutely free of charge!

Code Wizard Pro Team

And we also added calculations without tokens:

  • PIN codes for Renault-Nissan B platform
  • PIN codes by INCODE for Renault and Dacia
  • INCODEs by PIN code for Renault and Dacia
  • TAN codes for Teach-in KEY again for Smart
  • TAN codes for SAM Assignment for Smart

Next version will be available more free calculations:

  • Challenge-Response value for JCB Service Master
  • PIN codes by VIN for Saab 9-3 2003-2008
  • Passcodes for Techstream and Intelligent Tester (old type)
  • Function Unlock Passwords and Access codes for JLR SDD

Take care of yourself and do the right things. Let's end this year well.

Code Wizard Pro Team