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New calculation algorithms

Dear friends,

With your help we can make Code Wizard Pro 2 better, add more algorithms and make the product useful for everyone. New algorithms or data, information for analysis this is what we need. Have your own code calculation service? Let’s start working together!

Contact us if you have something for the project.

And yes, we offer rewards of up to 1,000,000 tokens or the equivalent in cash!

Regards, Code Wizard Pro 2 Team

Code Wizard Pro Team

How can we contribute to this project? I like the spirit/idea of what you are doing, allowing car owners to take control of troubleshooting and repairing their own cars.

Hi Moe,
Users can get involved in many ways - we are always looking for user feedback about the product, useful information that we can add to it and any previous data on encryption methods and algorithms we can add.

Thanks again for your interest in CWP2 product.

Code Wizard Pro team (UK)