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kia2015 pin token?

Kia has 10 tokens of 2015 and 2016.
How many vehicles are not supported?
KNAHU815GHK169007 2016
KNAME81ABGS166356 2015


I can tell you how many vehicles are supported:

  • PIN codes in offline mode (free of charge) - about 35 million of KIA and Hyundai 2007-2017 cars and buses by VIN with SMARTRA-3, all models with SMARTRA-2 by VIN and by dump, all models with Texton and Shinchang immobilisers by dump
  • KEY codes in offline mode - about 50 million of KIA and Hyundai 1986-2017 cars and buses by VIN

For missed vehicles, Code Wizard Pro 2 have ability to request the code from our third-party sources in online mode.

If you want to know how many vehicles are not supported - you need to check public financial statements for the number of vehicles produced in required period and subtract number of vehicles covered by CWP-2 plus several ten millions of vehicles supported by our third-party sources.

Hope I explained quite clearly.

Code Wizard Pro Team