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Kia Carens 2018 PIN code request

Hi all!

I would like to request PIN code for KIA Carens 2018 with VIN KNAHU815AJ7185896. It's neither SMARTRA-2 nor SMARTRA-3, but instead the DST80 (Texas Instruments) type. I do have the correct IMMO secret key, but it does not seem trivial to obtain the 6-digit PIN code from it. Thanks in advance.

Hi @mikelelere,

Unfortunately PIN code for this vehicle is not available in our records and from our code supplier. I hope we will find additional code suppliers soon and car coverage for KIA and Hyundai will be 100% again. At the moment, you can read EEPROM / Flash dumps and post them here - I will calculate a code for you.

Code Wizard Pro Team

Hi @codewiz,

Thank you very much for the response. I do really appreciate it. I'll come back once I dump the EEPROM.