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Is my CWP2 Working!


My CWP seems to not work. So far every Hyundai or KIA VIN has failed to calculate. I ask colleagues for help and their tool works. I bought the Dongle with 200 Tokens and my account still have 200 Tokens. 2017 KIA Picanto VIN: KNAB2511MKT344806  was my first attempt and no luck.

Looking forward to someones Reply!

Br, Daymond


For the record I had an HD72 Truck with VIN: KMFGA17CRGC295***(figured I shouldnt type full VIN here) and CWP2 Returned a Key Code. Wished I had tried this before removing the lock!

Still couldn't do others though while other tools did.


Br, Daymond

Hi Daymond,

Sorry to hear this. At the moment only two sources for HK codes are available - one in offline mode with about 50 millions of KEY codes and 30+ millions of SMARTRA3 PIN codes. And one in online mode - with slightly better coverage. We lost another online source with 100% coverage several years ago. Hope to find new sources in near future. Let me know if you know who can provide codes for our project.

Code Wizard Pro Team