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I update my icc from old to new

Not working

Get serial nmber blocked

I send 6 Emil to code wizard no answer

What can I do

Old software not working

And new software not working


From: Code Wizard Pro 2 Team
Subject: Question from site: icc old
Date: 21 November 2023 at 10:05:16 EET

Hi Mohamad,

Almost done, now connect the CWP-2 security key and copy the Request code
step #5
So that I can generate a license with tokens for you
Code Wizard Pro Team

Hi not get reguet code when update get ID code tell me to save it

Once again - connect a new key

Code Wizard Pro Team

Hi Wher get new key



Code Wizard Pro Team


Need to buy new key and pay 250$




Whay you broken my old icc

Whay code wizard make update to old icc

If need new key whay don't tell before updating

All was on on-screen instructions. Each step is confirmed by the user. If you missed something - please read it again:

Code Wizard Pro Team
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