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Hi can you please give 2010 Hyundai code



i lost the only key to my car, been looking everywhere for code,  i just bought 2010 hyundai accent, lost key , tried every way to reprogram, got new ecu from junk yard, did not work, borrowed a bluetooth scanner tried to reprogram new key, cant without code, spent my only 80 dollars on patscode, sent me the code your exe program gives with last 6 digits, ripped me off, my car needs 17 digit code.

i read on your website that 5.0.7 is supposed to give 2007-2017 code free .

i am 2010 smarta 3, been researching for over a week no codes found you can you help?

Hi @westley,

PIN code is 785808

KEY code is V0344

If you are helped - get helping others

Have a nice weekend =)

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Code Wizard Pro Team

THANKS! will try it right now

worked thank you , your the best.

So the code worked then my battery died. I have charged it and now after I already neutralized the ecm and smartra , the smartra thinks my code is wronge and it's learnt now??? I know it was nuetruly before, so may I request 2 new codes in a new post for the two new ecu I purchased at the scrap yard today.




I found our there was something wrong with that ecm , I have still been having problems for days getting my car yo start without the original key, please help me with the immo code to this new ecu I found at the pick n pull auto parts scrap yard