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hey there im new to this hope some kan help me

i got a 2011 opel corsa where i changed the gid display , where will i have to look fore this dump file?  i got the tech 2  , but im not sure this can do the trick ,am i suposed to take out the chip from the display to read this dump?  newer cars are challinging  regards lasse.

For Corsa D locate and read 93C56 from display unit. You will find it at the side, near the LCD screen.

Code Wizard Pro Team

i have found a white label on the side of the display   but there is not this code 93c56 .. only this   GM GID S4400  IP 7,5    05020709351000



I mean EEPROM on PCB inside the unit. Looks like it will be 93C66 for this type of display. You will need to use suitable device programmer to read it.

Code Wizard Pro Team

aha now i get it  thanks