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Application versions history

v1.4.9 – Added calculation of Passcodes for Techstream version 13.30.018 and newer – Added saving of processed files for EEPROM Calculator v1.4.8 – Added calculation of Passcodes for Techstream version 13.20.017 and newer v1.4.7 – Added calculation of 20 chars PIN code from BCM seed code for Nissan and Infiniti vehicles v1.4.6 – Added calculation […]

New calculation algorithms

With your help we can make Code Wizard Pro 2 better, add more algorithms and make the product useful for everyone. New algorithms or data, information for analysis this is what we need. Have your own code calculation service? Let’s start working together! Contact us if you have something for the project. To recovery Suzuki’s 0x51 […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m unable to download and / or run Code Wizard Pro 2 application. Antiviral Software is blocking it. Is it infected? A: False AV alarms may occur due to used protection technique. Just add CWP2.exe to ignore / exception list. Q: I connected the USB key but the application still runs in DEMO mode. […]

Upgrade from old platform

To bring a new life to the old Code Wizard and make it affordable for everyone we decided to stop using old Code Wizard platform and develop new one, based on the best features of the old project. We offer you favorable conditions for upgrade. If you are an existing user of old Product Code […]