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Reinstalling CWP2

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I have had to reinstall the software and now only have DEMO Mode with box saying insert usb key which is already plugged in.

I have installed drivers and also changed from usb to HID, but now keeps saying dongle not found.

I dont know what serial number my CWP has either, I do remember having 357 tokens when it was last working though.

How can I rectify the problem please.

@bancroft-locksmiths, try to change USB port first - some ports have not enough power. Next, run application with administrative privileges - probably key is still in USB mode.

Code Wizard Pro Team

its always been working since i reinstalled the software.

i just tried to do what you said but its still the same.

current version is showing as   h/w 00

if i open the about section, status is showing DEMO

do i need to apply for a code file to be able to press the activate button?

if so how can i get my serial number

CWP-2 doesn't have 'Activate' button. Looks like you are installed CWP-1

Download and install version - Download Now!

Code Wizard Pro Team

when i click on that download now (link) it starts downloading then after a minute or so it says failed.

Also the box which my usb dongle came in says Code Wizard Pro 2

I have turned off my anti virus system too and it still fails to down load.

You don't need to turn AV off, CWP-2 application is whitelisted since version

Code Wizard Pro Team

Part 1 just failed to download as well, things are not looking good !!

Next week we will put installation file on Amazon S3 cloud servers to achieve maximum speed and reliability. At the moment only web site is hosted on a cloud network and installation file is available for download from a server in Europe.

You can try to use a download manager, wget for example.

Code Wizard Pro Team

@bancroft-locksmiths, cloud mirrors was activated few minutes ago: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, USA.

Code Wizard Pro Team
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