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Accidental upgrade from CWP1 to CWP2

As title said, someone upgraded from CWP1 to CWP2.  They thought it was just a normal upgrade and didn't know it would changed them to the new system.  Now the dongle is blocked. Using CWP1 software there is an option to unlock the dongle.  How can I get that password? Not trying to buy a whole new system.  Just want to go back to what I had before.  I saw someone else have the same problem but didn't see any instuctions on their post.  thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, this process is not reversible. Since this issue comes up quite often, a new version has been released today with the feature disabled. To start the upgrade procedure, users must first contact me.

You can send the ID file generated during the upgrade process with the request code for a new key and exchange it for tokens. There is no other option.

Code Wizard Pro Team