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2015 Smart ForTwo - Convert Keycode to Bitting

Keycode : 092087

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and how?
MCC0638 for 450 Smart I cant decode

I added the first key codes for Smart about 15 years ago, but I never found a conversion tables to bitting codes. I hope that someday a kind person will share them with us.

Code Wizard Pro Team

there is no bitting available

we use door lock to generate a key

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Code machine doesn’t support bitting. It classifies SMART car same as Mercedes, no information on database. The best approach is to decode door lock and generate door key.

Ahaha, cool. I'm sure, bitting tables are exists. Otherwise, why did they update the key code databases in each version of DAS? Take a look on "BomRdate.b??" files - all produced Smart vehicles are here: VIN, key code, production date and something else (I didn't figure out what exactly).

For example BomRdate.bXH, one record is 24 bytes:

DATA: 41 87 29 00 D2 AD 50 4B 52 00 63 F2 D8 8C 0C 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

[00-07] == VIN, decoded "WME01MC01XH044498"
[08-09] == KEY, decoded "MCC0082"
[0A-0B] == BOM, decoded "30.04.1999"
[0C-0E] == ???, it's probably index to additional data. In file from 2009 this value was 0x0D3723, in 2015 it was 0x0C8CD8.

If anyone else is interested in this, I’ll take a look later, otherwise you can try to figure it out yourself and share the result here.

Code Wizard Pro Team

There is a high probability that I am wrong and this has nothing to do with the mechanical key code, but is just a kind of coding code..

Code Wizard Pro Team